Recycling Services:

Telecomp Solutions offers Corporations, Institutions, and Individuals Asset Management and “EPA compliant Electronic Recycling and Remarketing Services” to Companies and Institutions in the United States and Latin America seeking to minimize the cost and challenges of properly decommissioning IT equipment in a safe and environmentally complaint manner.

Standard Services:

Asset Recovery

Pick-up and removal of all IT and Electronic equipment. Either via a direct takeout from working environment, simple bulk pick-up, or drop off at our Miami facility.

System Auditing and Status Reporting

Complete receiving inspection and entry into customer specific computerized inventory database. Equipment is audited and tested. Product description and condition is documented along with serial number and asset tags registration and removal.

Environmentally Friendly Disposal

Disposal of equipment in compliance with the United States “Environmental Protection Agency” (EPA) and the “Department of Environmental Protection” of the State of Florida. All items recycled and or re-dispositioned per customer instructions will be completely documented and customer will receive a “Certificate of Disposal”.

Data Eradication

Complete and permanent removal of all data from Personal and Network Computer Systems and or Magnetic Storage Devices to strict “Department of Defense” data eradication guidelines.

Asset Remarketing

Opportunity to remarket decommissioned assets domestically and international offering the opportunity to resell products quickly in order to recover the highest possible value in the shortest amount of time possible.

Telecomp Solutions is able to share the financial benefit of our international, strategic positioning by offering you a competitive quotation for your end-of-life, used, defective or otherwise redundant IT equipment.

Besides our standard services, Telecomp Solutions has a wide range of optional services available to ensure that your used IT equipment requirements are handled professionally and are adapted to your specific company needs. We can offer optional services, like Employee Buy Back Programs, Donations to a charity of your choice and many, many more possible services, feel free to ask your sales representative to overview the options that we can provide.

Cost of services provided by Telecomp Solutions are based on customer requirements and condition of items.

All items are processed through a “Closed Loop Recycling Process” that includes: refurbishing, redeployment, donation to economically needy and technologically deprived institutions and organizations, or physical destruction. All processes are accomplished through a process of disassembly, separation and disposition into proper recycling waste streams that do not include landfills and are in complete compliance with the rules and regulations established by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States of America.

All items sold or donated in the United States or internationally are strictly controlled. No materials are sold and or donated to any Company or Organization “based in” or “selling to” a nation that does not comply with the environmental standards established and defined by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States. Moreover, Telecomp Solutions does not and will not sell any products to countries or organizations on the United States “Watch List” of nations or organizations that support Terrorism or those that are restricted by the “Nuclear Non Proliferation Act”.

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