Maximize the return and cost of decommissioning your IT equipment and assets – Computers, Monitors, Networking and Office Electronic Equipment.

Establish a value and understand the real cost of  Asset Management Services before committing to Asset Management and Remarking partner.

Receive Cash back at above market value for the remarking and resell of sellable assets.Receive deep discounts on all services associated with the tracking, remarketing of re-sellable item.

Receive a “Certificate of Disposal” and future avoid legal consequences assuring that all non functional and scrap items are properly disposed of in compliance with United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Standards.

Protect your companies proprietary information by contracting our Data Eradication Services that are carried out to Department of Defense Standards.Select the option to redirect cash revenue generated from the sale of re-marketable assets to support charitable activities of established Non Profit Organizations an Charities and receive “Acknowledgement of Donation” valid for IRS tax as established by tax code.


Establish the value and the cost of decommissioning and remarking your assets.

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