Create additional alternate funding for Charities and Non Profit Organizations through an “Asset Management” and “Electronic Recycling and Remarketing Program”


Telecomp Solutions LLC (TCS) seeks donations of used, off lease and/or decommissioned technology products and office equipment from individuals and businesses to create revenue for Non Profit Organizations (NPO’s) and Charities.

TCS will receive and refurbish all functional and resalable Computers, Monitors, Printers and Office Electronic equipment and recycles all non functional products.

TCS will resell all marketable items to our established customer base and turn over on behalf of the donor 65% of the resale price the Charity.

The Charity will provide the donor with an Acknowledgement of Donation so that donor may file and receive the corresponding tax deduction.In addition TCS will provide the donating company with the following:“Status Report” with a complete inventory by line item.

“Certificate of Recycling and Disposal” in compliance with the Environmental Laws of United States “Environmental Protection Agency” (EPA)

Medical check-up and Immunization Program in Dominican RepublicComputers Training Center established in Dominican RepublicDonated computer provide funding to help those less fortunate gain access to technology and medical resources.

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