Telecomp Solutions Standard Asset Management Service Provides Customers with Complete “Status Reporting” on a per job basis that detail the following information:

Status Reporting: complete inventory of items received by identified by product and their condition and functionality.

Certificate of Recycling and Disposal: substantiating that all items have been received by Telecomp Solutions LLC and that said items have been disposed of in compliance with the Environmental Laws of the United States “Environmental Protection Agency” (EPA) and the States of Florida.

Detailed invoice: with individual resale values of assets or recycling cost as required by law, description of additional services as requested by customer and corresponding charges.· Cash Back in the form of a check for the amount equal to 65% of the net profit of the sale of functional items minus the cost of services provided by Telecomp Solutions as required by Law and by the customer.

Option to Donate: proceeds received for the remarketing of sellable assets to a participating Non Profit Organization or the charity of the customers choice.

Direct pick-up and removal of all IT and Electronic equipment at customer location with options of direct take out from a working environment or bulk pick-up at customers loading dockComplete and permanent removal of all data from Personal and Network Computer Systems and or Magnetic Storage Devices to strict “Department of Defense” data eradication guidelines.Remarket decommissioned assets domestically and international offering the opportunity to resell products quickly in order to recover the highest possible value in the shortest amount of time possible.Complete receiving inspection and entry into customer specific computerized inventory database. Equipment is audited and tested. Product description and condition is documented along with serial number and asset tags registration and removal.

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